Thursday, August 27, 2009

Water For Elephants

I love to read.


every so often there comes a book that makes me suspend all rationality, 
where I can't pull myself from the grips of its pages...

although, I know I need to stop as it is 2 in the morning...


although, I know that my body requires sleep in order to function the next day...
I. just. can't. pull. myself. away.

Every so often an author can reach inside my heart and mind &
keep me suspended into a world they created on a page...
conjuring up vivid images & potent feelings 
altering and stretching how I perceive the world 

It is simply magical.

This book:
intrigued me from the beginning
made me feel as though I was an anxious spectator under a circus tent breathing in the smell of cotton candy and animals 
made me feel like I was aboard the hard, gritty life of a circus train
 brought forth tears of sadness
made me tense up in anger at moments
suspended my breathe in fear
 made me reflect on the impact of age 
made me sense the emptiness of what losing your independence must feel like
 made my stomach churn, nauseated with disgust in instances
desire to live an authentic life, soaking in every smell, texture, & essence of who & what I love
inspired me to create memories that I can celebrate & savor when I grow old
made me smile
truly broadened my perspective

and although I am a bit tired,
the impact of the words within these pages will make me live a more authentic life today...

I must caution you though, it is not a book for the faint of heart,
it is raw,
it is gut wrenching,
it is real.


jessieg said...

I'll have to see if it's my kind of book. :)

mandysmusings said...

What a beautifully written book review! My reviews are always, "I liked this book because..." Now you've inspired me to do better...and to read this book.

Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

I read it in two days.
Loved it.
Haven't read one since that I have enjoyed nearly as much.