Saturday, August 15, 2009

Girlfriend Getting Some Grub


(notice the constant fight for the spoon)


jessieg said...

Crack me up! She already has a spoon! And that hand! Give me! Give me! Give me! There at the end I hear you say Give it or something. Too funny. And that scowl. She's so coordinated! I love the music. Yay for video!

Sarah Harkins said...

love this! especially the cute song you coordinated with the video. How did you do that?? Analee is sitting on my lap entranced by Girlfriend. Soo cute!

jessieg said...

This is my all-time favorite video! Had to watch it over and over and over. If it breaks, that'd be my fault. :)
I love that little grabby hand.

Anonymous said...

LB loves to watch his Abbers eat...but then he starts fussing to eat. lol so cute!