Sunday, June 21, 2009

SuMmEr: Continuous Cause For Celebration

The hustle and bustle of June and July around our house could rival the Holidays...

June 2nd: my birthday
June 6th: Andy's birthday
June 18th: our wedding anniversary (5
June 19th: decided to reschedule family pictures (What were we thinking attempting these this week?!)
June 20th: hosted Prayer Group
June 21st: Father's Day
June 23rd: last day of school (594 grades entered with comments, many celebrations before, during, & after...not to mention the kids are spastically hyper right now)
July 1st: Inservice for new school year (already?!)
July 4th: duh...
July 6th: classroom orientation for parents (always a basket case preparing for this one...)
July 7th: first day of school (still don't sleep the night before...just like a kid...first day of school excitement never wanes)
July 16th: AJ's birthday (3 this year!  How did that happen?!...crap...need to start planning a Thomas party...)
July 30th: Uncle Matt's birthday

(When am I ever going to craft again?)

& thus...the blog neglect...

A bit late...

Last weekend, we ventured to the Farmer's Market (Saturday...only realize it was on Sunday, but returned with success Sunday)

Here are Andy & AJ enjoying our $17 lunch from a little stand...we only left with one tomato & a small bag of kettle corn after being robbed for a couple sandwiches, a hot dog, & some lemonade...but the memories are priceless...right?
For our 5th year wedding anniversary Andy surprised me with a dozen red & yellow long stem roses at school and The Melting Pot.  Don't worry...I ate until I thought I was going to throw up & enjoyed every second of it!
(I remember the weight of that bouquet darn near pulled my shoulder out of socket...I bet that thing weighed 20 pounds...& look at me...a good wind could have blown me right over that bluff...ha!  We will refer to those days as BK...before kids...when I could still shop in the Juniors section, & my life didn't center around coaxing a child to potty in the potty...not his pants while he is sitting in his get the idea...sand stuck to his Thomas shorts...dropping in clumps through the house as he goes to retrieve yet his fifth pair of shorts for the day...lovely.)

Who would have thought that five years later we would be blessed with a perfect little princess and a hyperactive little pre-schooler?
I think I have to accept that since he will be three next month and is technically enrolled in pre-school that he is no longer a toddler...tear...sniffle.

And here is our numéro uno daddy with Girlfriend today for Father's Day.
Andy made homemade funnel cakes 
(did you catch that?...
for Prayer Group yesterday...and again today...just because...

And to think, I thought he was crazy for wanting that Fry Daddy?!
And as with our Father's Day tradition, AJ & Abby each got daddy a new daddy book to read together.

Peace Out Friends! 


jessieg said...

Wow. You are a very busy woman. Glad to know that you're not avoiding my phone calls. Oh, wait. I'm busy too. Hehe! Sounds like Father's Day was good. Love the onsie and I so terribly miss the kids. I told Sarah, Emily's sister, that I was jealous of all the time she gets to spend with Skye. That she was lucky. She looked at me and said, "You know, I'm glad you said that. Here I was thinking I really wish I didn't have to babysit. You really put it in perspective." If only I could see my little dude and girlfriend every week. At least I have this blog. Love ya super mom! Course, we may need to have a discussion about cutting back before you exhaust yourself like you usually do.

jessieg said...

Me thinks I'm owed video. Yes? You post videos of your beautiful babies?

The Guess Family said...

We have the same birthday!!! Happy Late Birthday. I am behind on my blog reading.

When I taught, parent night was my least favorite thing all year. Love the kids....super nervous talking to all thier parents at once.

Anonymous said...

hhhmmm...a few other dates. Fam bdays : ) Eli's in June and Staceys in July and of course mine on the 5th : ) and there are more too...aunt glennies...the list goes on. love you