Thursday, June 4, 2009

29 On Tuesday

I turned 29 on Tuesday & in honor of my birthday I am going to gift you with 29 random but oh so truthful things about me.  Enjoy!  & I promise rice cereal pictures are to day... 

  1. The preferred volume level on my car radio is 32…and that is only because it won’t go any louder…I like it when you can see the windows vibrate.
  2. I eat all of one kind of food on my plate before I start another…for example I eat all of my green beans, then move on to eat all of my rice, then move on to eat all of my chicken…
  3. As a child I was deathly afraid of cats…to tell the truth…they still kind-a creep me out…a little.
  4. My favorite number is 4…seriously.
  5. If you haven’t noticed yet, my favorite form of punctuation is the ellipsis…
  6. I have an addiction to Dr. Pepper…& blogging.
  7. I pick my cars out based on appearance, but the deal breaker is the cup holders.
  8. If I were filthy rich, I would own a car to fit different moods.  A black Hummer for when I felt cranky & aggressive, a cream convertible Bug for when I felt whimsical, a solar yellow Extera for when I felt young…
  9. I can’t sleep in socks unless I’m suffering from hypothermia.
  10. I laugh when people fall down…no matter how inappropriate it is…I just can’t help myself.
  11. I love the smell of suntan lotion.
  12. I can’t watch a movie or read a book more than once.
  13. Ear wax really freaks me out…I once broke up with a boyfriend in high school purely because he had ear wax…I shutter just thinking about it…gross.
  14. I’m a Mac & Andy’s a PC, but I love him regardless.
  15. I always have to fold the tag on the inside of the washcloth, towel, or dishtowel…always.
  16. People that only drive the speed limit annoy me…sorry…but it is true.
  17. I don’t know my own cell phone number…
  18. I absolutely loathe the phrases “all in all” and “what not”…in fact in my mind your intelligence level goes down a notch when you use such gut wrenching language.
  19. I appreciate when people can make fun of themselves.
  20. Smiley faces instantly agitate me…not sure what that is rooted from…
  21. I like to dance when no one is looking…
  22. I love the smell of watermelon bubble gum, but not so much the taste.
  23. If I didn’t have to work, I would still work at least part time as the drive thru lady at Starbucks.
  24. I think President Obama is good looking.
  25. I hate to put gas in my car…dust…and iron.
  26. My favorite subject to teach is writing.
  27. I live for telling a good story.
  28. I can’t watch TV with any lights on or go to the movies during the daytime.
  29. I hate the new car smell.  (& to this my sister said she didn’t know if we could be friends anymore…)



jessieg said...

You are random! And the things I wish I had known. We might not have become such great friends. Sisters, yes. Friends, no. Guess I'm stuck with you now. I will say this: You are one of my most favorite people because you are so random. Truly unique. Love ya! Hope you had a good birthday!

jessieg said...

BTW, all in all, you aren't so bad. You're cool and what not. [You asked for it.]

Anonymous said...

All in all, that was an amusing post? :) :) :)

Does Michelle Obama know you're mackin' on her husband??

Katlyn said...

Dang!!! Everyone beat me to the :) :) :) I was thinking about that as I read this entry. Very fun things to know - Andy is totally a PC - hilarious! I HATE new car smell too! After reading these things I think I know why we are friends - a lot of things in common - although you are more OCD than I am =)

Chelle said...

Love your list! I always have to fold the tag in towels, washclothes! I'm not sure what it is...

And Dr.Pepper = all things things wonderful. Love it!

PS--happy belated birthday!! Hope your day was all sorts of fun!

Anonymous said...

re no looks like you have to make sure jess isnt watching ;) ...ALL IN ALL tho, you are a very good dancer! hehe. Funny about the new car smell because i noticed when you were down that your car still has that new car smell and thought it was cool. hehe. Totally agree on the tags thing, prolly something mom subconsciously did to all of us girls. ...just ask Missy and Tami, i bet they do it too. Love ya, Recca