Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blessed Is The Swaddle

Since Abby was born she has l.o.v.e.d. her swaddle.
A good, snug "bambino burrito" swaddle, and she just couldn't overcome the overpowering desire to sleep.
As the last flap was tucked in, her eyes would drop closed.
Long naps and sleeping through the night are largely credited to the said sacred swaddle.

And just like that, I thought it was all over.
I thought my glorious days of the tranquilizing swaddle had come to an end...

Since Abby discovered her new ability to roll over, 
she wants the freedom and flexibility to move around.
The swaddle was suddenly frustrating her, as it was hindering her ability to, well, use her arms.

I wasn't about to give up that easily...
I can roll with the punches...
I introduce you to the 
 "modified swaddle".
Just as effective as the original "bambino burrito" swaddle.



Katlyn said...

We also embraced the modified swaddle at our house for a long time...

jessieg said...

I someday will practice the tradition of the swaddle, the ancient tradition passed down to me from my sister, a skilled swaddler. Glad you didn't give up. GF cracks me up how much she loves her swaddle. Yay for learning to roll over. She smart beyond her months. I wonder too if there is a new trick that you haven't told me of: double pacifying, as the picture foretells?

Anonymous said...

omg lol you guys are so funny! Well at least your baby burrito can now use her would have to have a modified modified i mean swaddle as he loves to "slam" his feet down several times during naps and sleep time : ) ...would it still be called a swaddle if only the middle was covered? sounds more like a pig in blanket...hehe