Monday, March 9, 2009


This afternoon, I am taking a mommy break...sitting on the couch surfing Etsy as Abby sleeps in her swing and AJ is "napping".  Suddenly the little song AJ is singing turns into: 

"Help, Help!"  (I jump from the couch, thinking yes he is trying to use his potty and needs help with his pull-up!)

 Then he yells, "Oh no!"  (I am to the stairs now...thinking dang-it...he must of had an accident...)

I am sprinting up the stairs expecting a mess when I get to AJ's room, I hear, "Ouch, Ouch!"  (Now I'm thinking...he's hurt and I start to panic and leap up the stairs faster...)

As I get through the upstairs gate I hear, "I sorry, I sorry!"  (Mommy panic mode automatically thinks...he must have been doing something he wasn't suppose to and got hurt...)

I go busting into AJ's room expecting to see an injured toddler and AJ jumps up startled with a deer in the headlights why are you here?  

Then I look down at what he was playing with...

It appears that what sent mommy into a panic attack was simply an excited conversation between the bus driver and a pedestrian.  Lovely...  


Brenda said...

I am laughing out loud! Goodness, that boy of yours has creativity and an imagination to boot! You got your workout for the day!

jessieg said...

I'm so excited to see him playing like this. I've been waiting for the voices during imagination playtime. He's so funny!

Katlyn said...

That is sooo funny!!!!