Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cherishing These Tags

There Is No Place Like Home hosts a paper crafting fun Wednesday and giveaway every week.  Swing by to participate or check out some fabulous creations.  I fell in love with her style when I discovered her Etsy shop a couple weeks ago.  She inspired me to dabble in the art of making tags.    

Today while Girlfriend and Little Dude slept, I pulled out my stamps, ribbon, some bling, and a couple pieces of my favorite paper to throw together these fun little guys.  I have realized that my addiction to buying scrapbook paper and fabric is really rooted in my love for bold patterns.  I just can't resist a great colorful pattern...whether it be on a paper, a fabric, a shirt, a bag, or a pair of rain boots...if my heart flutters when I see the pattern, much to Andy's chagrin, I usually end up taking it home.  So when I spotted these funky papers, I knew I had to give them purpose.  Here they are ready to adorn a package or a scrapbook page!


Anonymous said...

These tags are making MY heart flutter.

Katlyn said...

I LOVE the green ones!!! Yours are definitely fancier than the ones I have been making!

Leann said...

Your tage are fabulously funky. I love them!

Barb said...

Those are very cute.
I am loving that
black and bright green!!

Barbara Jean

Clare said...

Just love your tags the colurs are lovely, they are so classic looking.

jessieg said...

I love them so much! You should make one of everything you're making and make a gift bag out of it to give someone. Like me! :P

When will your etsy shop open? LOL.