Friday, October 3, 2008

Off To The Race Track

Mesmerized by the loud hum of the motors, the whoosh of wind as they sped past us, and the thrill of watching go-karts hit speeds into the 70's, AJ was glued to the track last Sunday as we watched one of my second grade students take first at a local Motorsports Series Race.

He shouted a spirited, "race" and pointed fiercely at the track as the go-karts rounded each corner.  Although dad is not up for starting a family racing team, I was psyched to find out that adults can race!  It's gotta be a better adrenaline rush than I-25 in the mornings and there's no risk of getting pulled over.  The only thing holding me back is...well...being with child, but give me a few months ,and I plan to hit the track next spring.  Maybe not racing, but try a few laps.  I've always wanted to dry dirt bike racing also...

On to other exciting news...Abby and I would just like to thank the Boy Scouts of America for chocolate covered carmel popcorn.  


jessieg said...

Uhoh. I have a feeling AJ is going to be a little dare devil.

Anonymous said...

Andy got a haircut! P.S. - What's wrong with a family racing team? Can you race when you're preggo?