Saturday, October 4, 2008

Favorites Swap!!!

You know that bubbly feeling that rises up inside of you when you open the front door and find a box addressed to you sitting on the porch!  Where you can't wait to discover what exciting treats wait for you inside!  I love that feeling!  You know, where you run in the house and grab the first sharp object you can find to bust into the box!  I got to experience this pure joy this week!  And it was worthy of every ounce of anticipated excitement!    

I received my Favorites Swap box from As Special As It Gets this week and am spoiled rotten!  It is amazing how similar our boxes were for each other!  As you know, I love all things Fall and this box was all Fall...from the leaves she used for packing to the yummy candy corn!  She pampered me with:

1.  an adorable fall box padded with leaves perfect for decorating
2.  three scrumptious smelling candles
3.  a bag of Dove silky smooth milk chocolates
4.  a bag of Autumn Mix candy corn
5.  two packages of fabulous Harvest Crafts fall stickers
6.  three rolls of orange, cranberry, and olive ribbon
7.  fun foam fall stamps to make crafts with AJ!

Thank you swap partner!!!  I love every bit of my box!  


Kristy said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I was a little nervous, if not a little ashamed, that I didn't actually make something! Your tote is so great that you made for me. Lord willing, I'll post my pics within the week. I have never had such a crazy,busy school year in all my 13 years...never felt so worn out!

We picked out our pumpkins this weekend, so the plan is to get the place looking like fall...even if it does hit 90 during the day! (I have to use artificial leaves to decorate with b/c we have little foliage, & the little we do have is in January. LOL)

Anonymous said...

I want to do this next time it comes around! Let me know. Love you, CP!