Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Trip To the Park and Halloween!

This morning we ventured to the park and decorated for Halloween!  We usually attempt to wear AJ out by taking him to the park before nap time and bed time.  He loves it because he gets to run, jump, climb, slide, play with the wood chips and do all things boy.  Mom and dad love it because it makes nap time and bed time so much easier!  

I have been holding back decorating for Halloween, but at first sight of a neighbor's witch hanging on her door this week, it was only a matter of time before decked the house for Halloween!  Halloween is my favorite holiday with Christmas following close behind.  


Matt, Erin and Ashley Yeadon said...

I cannot believe that you are actually putting SPIDERS out around your house! Pumpkins- yes, other Halloween deccor- absolutely, but spiders- Chance I thought you knew better :)

Kristy said...

What fun! I love this time of year, too! The changes in the air, the beginning of the holiday season, the awesome aromas...yep, fall is wonderful!

I received my faves box...LOVE IT!!! The chocolate did not last long, & I reluctantly had to share with Micah, my 5 year old. LOL I really loved the tote & pin that you made. You are certainly very talented. Thanks for the recipe WITH the bag & tips!!! Now, I just have to get in there & practice. :) The lotion smells wonderful!

Your box has been officially mailed & should be there this week. I hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I love your hanging pumpkin lanterns, and of course you'd have a fall apron.