Monday, June 23, 2008

A Trip to the Petting Zoo, A Ride on the Train of Terror, A Picnic, and A Tote

We had an action packed adventurous weekend!  I started Saturday getting my hair chopped into a low maintenance bob.  Yay!  Followed up by meeting with my 2nd grade team mates for lunch and an educational shopping spree.  Then ended Saturday night by hosting Prayer Group at our house...our fellow Godly friends destroyed the house...and the back yard.  We are still finding toys in odd places.  

We spent most of Sunday at a nearby park.  $4 landed us admission into the petting zoo and tickets for a train ride.  AJ loved making animal sounds at each of the animals, but did not love the train ride.  He screamed nearly the entire (what felt like an eternity) 10 minute go round.  Not sure what this new found fear of riding the train is all about.  He was content to wave as it went by and shout an enthusiastic toot-toot, but put him on that thing and all hell breaks loose!  I felt bad for the birthday boy taking his birthday ride a couple rows ahead of us...probably not how he envisioned his birthday train ride.  Then AJ played in the stream for hours with mom and dad before and after our picnic of PB&J, fruit snacks, and goldfish crackers under a huge shade tree.  It was a relaxing Sunday with the fam.  It truly captured the essence of summer quality family time.  Check out the gallery on AJ's webpage for more pictures.  

Sunday ended with a fabulous craft day where I learned how to make the most adorable tote pictured here!  I can hardly wait to make my next one!  I love the fun funky fabric I found at Joann's!  

So far today, AJ and I have played trucks, hung out in the sandbox where the sand just coats AJ's sun blocked body...yuck and made homemade blueberry and peach popsicles.  Maybe tomorrow we will venture out to a craft store to pick up more tote making supplies...