Thursday, March 24, 2016


I went to Las Vegas for a photography expo the morning after the DI tournament. I was too exhausted & busy to think about the trip until I was on the plane. I'm not gonna lie...I've never been to Vegas...hate traveling alone & was pretty much scared sh*#less. If someone would have said boo to me within the first half hour of landing I probably would have wet my pants & threw up at the same time. I made it to the hotel & met up with Sharon and felt suddenly ok..still outside my comfort zone, but safe.

We attended a lot of awesome classes with great speakers, got to see some print competition submissions being judged...which was crazy interesting, walked around the expo and got to touch & feel print products...which I love...I'm such a texture girl, listened to an awesome key note speaker very passionate about believing in your worth, had yummy free coffee and cupcakes...that I elegantly dropped all over myself & even managed to coat Sharon with...I'm the complete opposite of coordinated when it comes to eating around other people...a super awesome talent that I have learned to just warn people about rather than overcome. Seriously if you see me at a social gathering that involves food...I will have something spilled down the front of me.
Went to an opening night party...where I learned Vegas drinks are MUCH stronger than the drinks I'm used to at bible study. Oh Vegas.

We walked around and saw lots of gorgeous hotels and fun shops...

We attended a wedding and reception of complete strangers...which was super weird, but fun...

They had show girls for photo ops at the wedding and a Vegas show girl...ha!
Then I caught my shuttle back to the airport & flew home super exhausted & excited & inspired...not just for work stuff...but I flew to Vegas by myself, and I survived! I listened to amazing people tell their stories...& something started to stir in me that maybe I have a story to tell & maybe just maybe it takes leaving our comfort zones to really start feeling confident enough to share our stories.

I chatted a little with a lady sitting next to me on the plane and ended up giving her one of my all-time favorite books because she said her book club always picks super boring books. I'm pretty sure she won't find this one boring. Maybe she'll pass it along to a random stranger on a plane one day too.

Then I got home to my suburban traditional decorated home cluttered with toys and kid art to find out our water heater went out and flooded the basement that evening. It felt good to be home as a mama was exactly where I was meant to be, and although the water heater thing sucked...all I could do was laugh, feel blessed knowing we could replace it, hug my family and wait till the next day to take a shower. It was a good first trip to Vegas.