Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Random Photos Matter

We usually photograph events or milestones in our lives. I photograph everything from discarded coffee cups on my vanity to my messy kitchen table to send my sister to let her know it's okay to have a messy house...it's real life. My phone is always full of thousands of photos. Literally thousands. My house is full of family photos everywhere you turn. I can't help it. It's a compulsion I have to capture & hold onto the little things that make up our daily lives & the people in our lives. I think it goes back to wishing I had more photos of my childhood...of my mom...of my mom and dad when they were together. I have 7 siblings...there is one photo with all 8 of us from my grandma's funeral...and we all cling to that photo. Only one photo of all of us and that thing is priceless.

I also always wonder what my mom was like when she was my age. What her daily grind felt like to her. So after not blogging for so long & almost skipping over blogging some of these photos...I just couldn't let them not be a part of our story. I decided they say something about the tiny fleeting moments that add up to mean so much in our life. They are worth documenting.

I am one of the most nostalgic people you will ever meet. I believe in my core that our childhood forms so much of who we are. That our heritage builds our values and our values should be at the root of every thought, every action, and every breath we take. So when this vintage sewing machine showed up on Craig's List for $25 you can bet I sent Andy straight out to get it. My mother's mother sewed, my mom sewed, and naturally as it runs in my blood...I sew & am teaching Abby to sew.

One day out of the blue I decided it should be a functional part of my life. So now it is my work space, and I love it's new role.

A very best friend of mine hands down her Southern Living magazines to me, and not many of them go by without a recipe being torn out, hung on the fridge and tested. This one was a perfect chicken noodle soup for a chilly day. Homemade chicken noodle soup is good for the soul.

The same friend trusted me with these gems for some authentic 1980's research for AJ's Destination Imagination team. As you can imagine, being a keeper myself my friends tend to be keepers too, and I freakin' love that!

I went on a health kick for a bit like I do about once every two years...we had smoothies for two weeks straight...I even ventured into a Vitamin Cottage store which was scary as hell for me to get some chia seeds...anyway our blender will never be the same...and my kids are over smoothies. I was trying to boost their little immune systems being all natural granola suburban mom....they were all sick by the end of the second week. I'll try again this summer for a couple weeks...with some watermelon smoothies...or tropical smoothies.

We live on game nights. Ticket to a Ride is a good one when you are just not in the mood for a cut throat game of Settlers.

Andy and I had a fun snowy, adventure date night photo shoot up in Evergreen. Because love should be capured. Our children need to see what healthy relationships look like. They need to know their parents love. The images are amazing.

I came across this pic of AJ in preschool, and my heart melted. I forgot what my preschool AJ was like, and this pic sent the memories flooding back in of my happy, Thomas the train obsessed little boy that wore his firefighter rain boots everywhere and talked endlessly to his imaginary friends Day-Day & Dun-Dun.

Chocolate surprises get us through the days some days. It is amazing how these little things are the things that hold us up some days.

This little guy didn't feel so great one week and missed two days of school. On this day the sweet boy who never ever naps fell asleep right in the middle of the living room floor, and I just wanted to snuggle him up and make him all better.

Making homemade pizzas with good friends is a must. It's therapeutic to chat, throw pizza dough in the air, and just be with good people. I was here when I got the call that Andy got his new job, and to say that I was in shock after a year of praying for God's will to be done & us to understand it is an understatement. I was speechless. There were times of uncertainty and just plain frustration with a lack of change and times of thinking this part of our life was not ever going to change and questioning if we were doing the right thing and soul searching and tears and pep talks and all kinds of roller coaster emotions. And then one day while making pizzas with friends life changed, and Andy had a new job. And all that stress and emotion was silly because God had our backs the whole time.

When Andy makes fancy things like red wine stew I help by drinking some of the wine. This is how cooking goes at our house.

Sometimes you just get bored with only 3 versions of Settlers, so you stay up till 2am combining 4 versions and your brain hurts, but you have crazy fun & regular Settlers is just never enough after that. And you drink 3 cups of coffee the next day.

Ab earning her Home Care & Repair badge at AHG, and getting to keep her very own hammer...which we promptly hid from her in the garage because that is just terrifying.

Starbucks strawberry acai refresher is my drink of the summer...even though it's not even really spring yet, and I can't pronounce acai. If you just say strawberry refresher when you order it they know what you mean, and you don't have to embarrass yourself trying to order it. Anyway big plans drinking these all summer.

Random night trips to get doughnuts when most normal people have their kids in bed happen in our family.

Abby requested fake glasses so she could be like her mama and big brother AJ...how could anyone say no to that?! Love that girl something fierce.

Found this pic of me when I was about Brody's age. This is huge guys...I was number 7 out of 8 kids...there is not much photographic evidence of my existence as a child. Ha! Funny but true.

Peace out. I'll do some more catching up later.




Becky Hensler said...

If you ever wondered what Abby will look like as an adult, just look in the mirror. Seeing the pic of her right above the pic of you...mind blowing. And so cool!