Thursday, March 31, 2016




Think Good Thoughts by Colbie Caillat

Be My Forever by Christina Perri

When I'm With You by JJ Heller

WATCHING...just finished season 4 of House of Cards...might catch up on Fixer Upper's, but mostly feeling the need to break up with TV for a little while. It doesn't make us better people. It rarely inspires or motivates us. It's more that we watch it because it is there. Seriously pondering replacing it with a cabinet for our board games. Wouldn't get rid of it all the way. I love a good movie night. But maybe just relocating it so the room we spend the most time in our evenings in isn't centered around it. It's a thought that has been tugging at me lately.

BUYING...Katie Daisy's book! My favorite pages are How to be still, How to evoke a daydream, & that strawberry pie recipe is sooooo happening this summer!

EATING...excited to try a new macaroon shop in town tomorrow! And the kids' Easter candy. Chocolate is my kryptonite. strawberry quilt I brought out for spring! Pandora One without commercials! Cotton candy & old fashion popcorn machines...might need to invest in these for this summer!

WEARING...still wearing tall boots and sweaters with all this spring snow. Blah.

LAUGHING AT...Average Parent Problems on Instagram.

GETTING READY...for summer!!! I want to wear flip flops and be outside and have BBQ's...instead I just daydream & explode my Summer board on Pinterest.