Monday, March 16, 2015

Mary Flair The Jellybean Update

We have been working crazy hard to get Mary Flair ready for "The Great Neighbor Escape" over spring break. Moab and Grand Canyon with 2 neighboring families and friends or bust.

It is amazing how much primer and paint such a small space can soak up.

We have spent hours upon hours priming and painting her interior with a good friend.

Lots of Dr. Pepper and 80's music and paint fumes till midnight every night.

The same amazing friend that has spent hours painting MF (such unfortunate initials she has) surprised me with this awesome jar of jelly beans for Mary Flair the Jellybean! How perfect is that?! Any camper named after jellybeans should always be stocked with delicious jelly beans!

A trip of such epic proportions requires planning meetings with homemade ranch and brownies.
She is coming along. Slowly but surely.
New fridge. New interiors side panels. New tires and lots of boring technical trailor stuff I don't understand. Lots of sanding/primer/paint. New floors.

New floorboards/trim and new upholstered cushions are still in her future. Near future. As in before next Sunday when we leave on "The Great Neighbor Escape" epic spring break trip.

Pray for us.