Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hello friends!

Last Friday we ventured out in the snow for the church fish fry. We were easily the youngest people there by at least 10 years. But I love it. It's my fave part of Lent.

The kiddos stayed at Nana and Papa's and we got some work done on Mary Flair...we finished taking out the old flooring...

And installed wood floors....we just need to add the floor boards.

We got a lot sanded and started priming the inside to start painting...

We are painting her walls white and her cabinets Alpine Air...
AJ got sick Sunday night and school was delayed 90 minutes due to snow on we had a cozy day of resting and laundry.

Everything was back to normal Tuesday.

Brody insists on wearing this tie to school every day and it cracks me up.

I found these fabulous mugs for Andy and I to have in Mary Flair.

AJ made this bowl in art. He's told me at least 20 times that it is waterproof. He loves to eat dry snacks out of it. It melts my heart every time. He's so very proud of it. I love it. He's just so darn sweet.

I worked on passing over the submission of Box Tops!

The kiddos are still obsessed with rainbow loom and my daily jewelry these days consists of lots of neon rubber bands...

After a car pool discussion Abby was convinced that we would get a snow day if she wore her pj's wrong sideout & backwards, put a fork under her bed, & flushed hot water down the toilet.

It didn't work.

Friday I was all packed up and KC bound to meet my new niece and namesake and attend my nephew's bday party!

Isla Rai was a delight! Big eyes and all smiles! Such a sweet girl.

It was awesome to hang with my sorella and enjoy a couple Starbucks.

Good for the soul.

Vincent was super excited for his TMNT 4th birthday party!

That happened to be a bowling party. On a day I happened to wear boot socks. Awesome.

It was crazy fun, and I'm glad I got to be there!

Sunday Jess and I squeezed in our traditional trip to Charming Charlie's, I put together 4 puzzles with V, and got my last Isla Rai fix before heading to the airport.

And now I'm sitting at KCI stoked about watching House of Cards with Andy when I get home.