Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break 2015: Moab and The Grand Canyon

It was epic.
1958 vintage camper restoration crammed into two weeks prior.
6 adults
8 kids
1,680 miles
2 National Parks
Countless memories
Mary Flair the Jellybean before pics:
MF the J during and after her restoration:
So smitten with how she turned out.
It started out as just an idea and turned into 3 neighboring families road tripping across multiple states for an epic spring break trip.
The Great Neighbor Escape.
Such an epic trip needed shirts.
Here we are leaving the hood.
Here was our road formation.
We mixed up kids in cars which cut down on siblings fights and was totally awesome!
Moab was our first destination. It was beautiful.
Such a fun group of people. All neighborhood originals that have known each other since before kids...
And now our kids are camping together....
Drinks were had!
And walking tacos. And s'mores.
The ATV rides were crazy fun.

Then we loaded up and headed to the Grand Canyon and set up camp...
The Grand Canyon was absolutely breathtaking. You can't even fathom its grandaur until you see it in real life. I'll blog some pics from the big camera later.
I took like 5,000 Grand Canyon selfies.
We hiked about a mile into the canyon. Which was terrifying with 8 children.
The kids completed all the requirements to earn badges and be sworn in as Junior Rangers. Totally fun!
Our drinks of choice. Yup. That's a Dr. Pepper.
We made it to the 4 corners. And all I could think about the whole time was when Skyler from Breaking Bad drove to the 4 corners.
Apparently Brody didn't want to see the 4 corners...
It was a super awesome, crazy fun week!


Becky Hensler said...

You do realize that I've been checking hourly for this since you returned, right? I'm so glad to see it, and all of the smiles. It looks like possibly the best vacation ever!