Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine's Day Up In Here

These cuties. In a kissing booth. Be still my heart.

Girlfriend's bow hair for her school Valentine's Day party.
Ab's fave princess is Pocahontas.
So a Pocahontas box it was!
I love their excitement for celebrations.
She made 24 rainbow loom bracelets to go with her Valentines.
She was a rainbow loom machine.

AJ requested a Lego head Valentine's box with a confident expression.

Thank goodness for Costco animal cracker containers and spray paint.

And then we went to Casa Bonita with friends for our kid friendly romantic-ha! dinner.

It was an experience.

Definitely something to check off the Denver bucket list.

I've always heard about it. I mean it's legendary in these parts.

Andy said it hasn't changed since he was a kid.

The kids loved it. And I'm glad we went. But probably have our Casa Bonita fix for at least 5 years.