Friday, February 6, 2015

Insta-Friday Girlfriend's Birthday Edition

Guys I've had a crazy week.
I mean cray cray. Even by my standards.
Last Friday this beautiful, crazy girl turned 6.
And we don't do birthdays small in our house.
She requested a breakfast in bed of pop tarts.
Because we never buy pop tarts.
She opened one gift...
Which happened to be this stuffed cat...
She named her Flowers.
Ab is
our little self-declared cat lady.
I am not a cat person.
She will only have stuffed cats till she's 18.
I made it through the day, but needed a little help about car pool time...
Then Saturday we had Abby's Pocahontas friend birthday party.
We made necklaces and dream catchers...
A wonderful daughter of a friend helped me run the party.
I couldn't have done it with my sanity intact without her.
Abby dressed up like Pocahontas...
The girls painted cookies for their party favor.
Andy's aunt made an amazing cake.
The edible rocks were a hit!
We read Pocahontas' biography in a tee pee I borrowed from a dear friend.
It takes a village.
And we are very blessed with a great village that helped make the day so very special for Abby Cat.
Then we cleaned up and switched party gears for a tea party Sunday after church.
Abby has begged for a tea party with her nana and great grandmas for over a year. We were finally able to make it happen.
We dawned our feather boas and tea party hats.
And had cucumber sandwiches.
3 generations of party animals right there.
Brody dressed up for the occassion.
It was pretty whimsical.
After our party weekend, I snuck off to an open house for the first release of MJ's spring line, Hello Lovely!
Seriously pink, yellow, flowers, polka dots.
. You know me. I can't resist.
I had coffee with a friend, and Abby showed off her Fashion Plates creations.
I couldn't resist getting that thing for her! I used to design dresses and outfits for hours as a little girl. Every little girl needs those memories!
Ab wore her new sun hat to Kindergarten and ballet Monday.
Love that girl's spirit.
Orange Marmalade reminds me of my grandma. I don't know why...maybe we used to eat it at her house. I remember she always had ham and melon to eat. And we used to sit on the porch swing together. Happy memories.
I love how the kids bling out their backpacks with flair.
Yes Abby has a cat backpack.
A roller one. It's huge.
And always awkward to get in and out of cars.
It kinda always drives me crazy.
But it's cute. When we aren't trying to get to school on time anyway.
Destination Imagination.
6 more meetings till our tournament.
Trying not to freak out.
After DI I had Young Life Capernaum girls over for pizza, then we went to a Unified Sports basketball game.
Abby & Brody came along while AJ & Andy helped a friend move.
It was a full night, but a good one.
Brody in this flight jacket and those aviators.
Be still my heart.
Yeah. So this happened Thursday morning.
You know. That time I fell out of bed and smacked my head into the corner of the side table and had to call Andy at work for backup and ended up getting a tetanus shot and 3 stitches. Yeah that time.
It was awesome. The headache that came with it and won't leave is awesome too.
Seriously. I fell out of bed. Brody climbed into our bed in the middle of the night when I was dead asleep. And was a total bed hog. So when the alarm went off, and I turned to get out of bed real fast before it woke him up...I went flying off the side of the bed.
Then WAM.
Stars, black, dizziness, instant throbbing headache, and blood.
True story. Nothing cool. I wasn't being chased by zombies. Or day drinking at 7AM. I just fell out of bed.
I amaze myself sometimes.
I mean wow. Just wow.
I did win "story of the day" at urgent care.
So there's that.


Anonymous said...

You poor dear!!! I have had a fear of the exact same thing happening....rolling out of bed onto my desk. It gave me chills to read this!
I love putting on my kids' bday parties, but when they're over I also breathe a huge sign of relief. Lucy started planning her party right after Christmas...for her MAY birthday! Lol!
Hope you are on the mend!