Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Insta-Catchup

Wow. I can't believe Christmas came and went. It's like I blinked and this huge event I had been preparing for and eagerly anticipating just happened. And then poof, it was over.

One day a friend and I decided to get all the kids together and out of the house. It was quite the series of events.

We tried Dart Warz: Bust. Closed for a field trip.

We tried Brunzwick Zone: Bust #2. School bus full of kids.

We thought about a movie: Bust #3. It would have been $85 for 2 adults & 8 kids.

We did, however, have a delicious lunch out. And we got RACK'd.

Then we went home for a play date.

The kiddos decorated the traditional gingerbread house. Always a hoot with 3 opinionated head-strong kids.

Loved my Christmas jamicure. Def my fave jamicure yet.

A red cup always makes this mama's day better. Mmmmmm gingerbread chai latte. A necessity for standing in line for Santa.

2 and a half hours later they got to see the jolly 'old fellow for 2 minutes.

Totally worth it.

Ab asked for my phone. Later I found these...

Apprently she was practicing her selfies.


Love that girl.

Our massive tree almost fell over. Thank goodness for friends and neighbors that come to the rescue and tie it to the wall at a moment's notice.

That was a terrifying experience. I was stuck holding it up while the kids moved gifts and got my phone so I could call for back up.

No one was hurt. And we only lost one ornament. Because I dropped it putting it back on the tree afterward.

We had the honor of watching a friend's labradodle over the holidays. I love that big 'old dog that is convinced she is a lapdog although she weighs as much as me.

I never get tired of Abby's gifts of art.

They make my heart happy.

This boy loves playing games. Board games, card games, dice games, all games. It's pretty awesome.

Christmas Eve at nana and papa's.

What the hell was Grandma Jody thinking?!

We secured the kids' bedroom doors. Then we heard the blood curdling I'm hurt scream around 11. Brody woke up throwing up. Emergency evacuation, laundry started, boy cleaned up & back to sleep.

Then AJ woke up puking by midnight.

It was a rough night.

But they were fine to open gifts Christmas morning...

We had a beautiful white Christmas which meant awesome sledding the next day.

It was fun. Till Ab sat on her sled at the top of the hill and took an unintentional ride down the hill. She was done after that.

I got Andy Tenzi for Christmas and his mom got it for AJ. We had no idea. So funny. And pretty awesome. AJ played with Aunt Val and I till he said we scared him. Mahaha. Good times.

I hope your Christmas was fun and peaceful.

We are gearing up for a relaxed New Years at home with good friends.

Peace out.