Friday, December 12, 2014


Whew! I always want to type another day another dollar. But I'm a SAHM, so, that doesn't make any sense. I guess I could say another week another 5,000 potty accidents. It just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Every year I want to get a Lego Advent calendar, but every year I talk myself out of it. UNTIL THIS YEAR!!!

Best $30 ever. We love this thing. If you have Lego lovers, go for it! Christmas should be magical.

If you have an eight year old boy, you might have a creeper hanging on your Christmas tree...

I never thought I would be say I have a creeper on my tree...but I say a lot of things with 3 kids I never thought I would say.

This boy loves Christmas. December hits, and he's in that Santa hat 24/7.
I love this little part of my kitchen window. The mason jar is from our trip to Charleston, SC and Mary Flair is from a BFF.

These stockings make me smile every year. So funky and fun.

Girlfriend lives in a world of fairies and pixies.

So naturally she needed a glittery Christmas fairy dress to twirl in.

Pink reindeer. Silver glitter. Happy mama.

Don't judge. You do what you gotta do. And it worked. Brody had his first poop in the potty instead of his pants that day. I will survive potty training. I will survive potty training. I will survive potty training. My new mantra.

P.S. They loved Home Alone.

PSA: It has serious naughty language.

St. Nick comes every year, and my kids eat candy canes and chocolate for breakfast that day.

We had our first neighborhood hay ride. It was crazy fun. Already making plans for next year!

The neighborhood ornament exchange followed the hay ride. Gotta love a new surprise ornament.

We ventured out for our traditional cutting of the Christmas tree.

Brody said, "I found our tree!"

We ended up picking out a much bigger tree to bring home.
Andy and AJ cut it down and loaded it in the back of the truck...

While Abby and I ate snacks and took selfies.

Brody had a buddy over for a play date. They had hot cocoa and decorated a gingerbread man. I love these two boys together.

I took AJ a Christmas shopping for his brother and sister, then taught him how to wrap gifts. It was a fun mama/son night.

We love The Bear Snores On books. This one Is Bear Stays Up for Christmas.

Frisbee, our elf, brings all our Christmas movies and books back every year. We love it.

I have Jamberry ADD and change them every week for something new. The Christmas ones are my fave.

We have an action packed weekend!

Hope yours is just as fun!


Becky Hensler said...

I Love how the Minecraft ornaments turned out!