Saturday, July 26, 2014

Insta-Catch Up

I love a stroll through the Farmers Market.

Holding a sweet 8 year old boy's hand and sharing some fresh squeezed cherry lemonade on a hot summer day makes it even better.




AJ loves building a new Lego set. He goes into full concentration mode until it's complete.

I love how he always asks if we can take a picture to send to dad at work when he finishes a set or a new creation.


Brody got some new rain boots the other day, and clomped around in them all day. I loved it.

$4 Target clearance. #score

Brody and daddy napping before the big road trip.

We squeezed in some family Circus pictures last Thursday before we hit the road. I can't wait to see them!!! The kiddos and I got Circus cookies after the shoot! Pictures and cookies! So fun. We love Sharon Arnoldi Photography!

Then we loaded up the swagger wagon and headed out for Missouri to see my fam!




Becky Hensler said...

That shot of Brody and Andy asleep with the feet on the head is awesome!