Friday, May 2, 2014


What a week.

Such a week that we started counting down to summer.

We need a break.

I squeezed in an AJ/mama date while Abby and Brody were at an American Heritage Girls childcare event.

He chose to go to Starbucks and get a new book to read.

A boy after my own heart...Starbucks and walking around a book store.

I had the honor of attending a Mother Daughter Tea with Abby last weekend. We had tea, yummy treats, and enjoyed a fun fashion show with good friends. Love that sassy girl up!

We wore our MJ and cowgirl boots to the Tea!
Be still my heart.


We were having bible study Saturday night when Ab and AJ came running screaming that there was an emergency and Brody's head was bleeding.
Little Man tripped and fell into the corner of a flagstone stair and ended up with a nice size hole in his forehead. The kind that nearly makes a mama throw up upon sight of it.
So off to the hospital we went.

5 stitches later Brody was all smiles again. And we were very thankful for good friends that kept Ab and AJ overnight.

Ab called him Frankenstein all week.

I just call him Scarface now.

Poor kid.

Sunday we had the Small Wonders spring concert.

Abby's performance was pretty spectacular. True dramatic Abby style...when she wasn't disctracted looking at herself on the big screen.

Then my class of 5 year olds attended mass with me. In the very front pew. That wasn't stressful at all. It was a very prayerful mass on my part to say the least.

Following mass, I rushed off to co-host a Southern Belle baby shower.

Love me some lace and mason jars.

You know summer is coming when Chick-fil-A brings back peach shakes.


Crafted it up with a neighbor friend this week. Kid handprint and footprint crafts never get old.

MJ had their 4th spring release and took all my money again.

Crazy excited about that!

Ab had her ballet pics.
Love that she loves dancing so much.
She was in awe of the older girls and danced and twirled all night afterward.

Then today was Crazytown.

7am PTO meeting, trip to hospital to get Brody's stitches out, play date, and a second trip back to the hospital when Brody's forehead started opening back up again.

Dear Lord, please no more trips to the hospital. Amen.

Here's to a safe, restful weekend...