Monday, May 26, 2014


Hello peeps.

Last weekend Abby and I had mommy and me pictures taken by Sharon Arnoldi. They turned out amazing. They always do. She does incredible work.

This was before our pics when Ab was just playing around. Love that girl.

Love me some Jamba Juice.

Ab had her ballet and tap recital.

She felt pretty special getting flowers.

I went to a graduation for some of my Young Life Capernaum students.

I threw on some boots and headed to the airport for phase one of my trip to Oklahoma for my neice's graduation...

And sat for three hours for my one hour flight.

But I finally made it and got to hang out with this cutie pie. Love that boy up. Even if I had to pay him $1.10 to get a hug.

His mama and I enjoyed some coffee and cookies while he was at daycare.

I got a phone call that Abby, Maggie, and Brody all gave Brody a haircut...

So he ended up with an emergency trip to the salon to get that fixed before he road tripped it out to see the fam...

Jess and I road tripped it down to Missouri to meet up with another sorella for phase two of my trip to Oklahoma for Taylor's graduation.

We found our fave road trip gum at a gas station.

And bought a few pieces. Like 21.

Then we had our traditional bubble contest.


After meeting up with a third sister, we road tripped it down to Oklahoma.

Friday night we made it to Taylor's graduation!

So proud of that beautiful girl.

So full of spirit. So full of determination. So smart. Such strong values.

She's going to do awesome things in this world.

We took up an entire row in that gym.
Jon kinda smiles like Abby...
5 sorellas
1 kareoke machine
Countless bottles of wine
Up till 6 in the morning
When in Oklahoma you drive 4 wheelers. Right?
Brody thought that was the coolest thing ever.

We checked out the Wichita Mountains Refuge.

Then we loaded up the swagger wagon and hit the road...

With an extra passenger!

So excited to kick off the summer with this chick!



Becky Hensler said...

OK, the real skills aren't the bubble, but the fact that you can take a photo while holding a bubble.

Oh, and I want to go to the Wichita Mountain REFUDGE! I love the idea that you don't just get chocolate, but that you RE-fudge something after the first time! Sign me up, and you know I don't normally go for chocolate.

Just kidding...but it does sound like fun!