Monday, January 6, 2014

My Word for 2014

In high school I read a book titled Your Life Is Your Message...

that title has always stuck with me.


I always think...what message will the culmination of my life say?


I want to live a life that leaves powerful message.


I once heard someone say that what we do with our life and how we live it is our story...our book...and if others were to look back and read it, what kind of book would they be example of how to live...or how not to indifferent book that comes and goes without impact?


I want to write a story of inspiration...a book with a strong theme...a message.


I always tell my kiddos that God put us here to love and show love, and our actions should reflect this in everything we do. Our lives should radiate this.


If I were to try and sum up all of this in one word, I would say I want my life to SHINE.


I want to write a story that radiates a message of compassion. That teaches others to love and sacrifice and give until they don't think they can anymore.


To love and show love in such a way that people can't help but love with the same integrity.


Mother Teresa said, "To love until it hurts."


In a world where our kids practice lockdown drills and eat lunch with police officers, we need to spread light. We need to be proactive and teach our kids to love and show love.


We need to be the change we want to see.


We need to SHINE...

To glorify The Lord...


To inspire.


jessieg said...

You need to do a foil print of your word! Search "foil print" in Etsy and I believe you can do your own, even choose your own font! It would look awesome. Love that word!

Anonymous said...

So perfect for you! Amid all of life's craziness- you just shine out loud!!!
Happy 2014!