Friday, January 31, 2014


Hello friends.

Pretty calm week in these parts.

We went to dinner at Country Buffet the other day.

The back story here is that AJ is obsessed with buffets and has been asking to go to one like this forever.

Ab had cotton candy for dessert and they each got a balloon animal...

Ab requested a unicorn, Brody a dinosaur, and AJ a white dog with a Starbucks drink.

She did it. She made him a white dog with a Starbucks drink out of balloons.

He said it was "just like Heaven"

So there you have it. Heaven is just like Country Buffet.

AJ and I ventured to Daniel's Park to watch the sunset and pray with other Young Life leaders one night.

The view was awesome.

Then we battled it out at Dart Wars...
which is just a big room with cardboard boxes covered in duct tape & a bunch of nerf guns. They have to be making bank.

Ab was over the moon to decorate her Valentine's Day box after watching her big brother get to do it the last two years.

It looked like a princess exploded on it...
Totally an Ab box.

I pulled out my Valentine socks.

Some parts of being an elementary teacher never change.

Like my love of holiday themed socks.

AJ requested Mindcraft Valentines.

We downloaded them from Over The Big Moon for free!

He loves them.

Ab turned 5 on Thursday!

So crazy how fast these 5 years have gone. The morning we drove to the hospital for her birth is still so fresh in my mind. Can't believe she going to be in Kindergarten next year. Sniff sniff.

Love this sweet girl.

We surprised her with pink sprinkle pancakes for breakfast.
Love how some food color and sprinkles in batter can transform a breakfast into an extra special meal.
She was pretty excited.
And asked if we happened to have any cherries...
She was so proud to go to school as a big 5 year old.
She was on top of the world.

Big weekend ahead.

Ab's Glamour Girl birthday brunch...and the Super Bowl!

Whoop Whoop!