Friday, January 24, 2014


Maybe next week I'll blog more than once a week. Maybe.

I made my mom's enchilada casserole the other night. I haven't made it in years. It feeds a lot, and we never could finish it all. Till now with 5 peeps eating.

I pulled out the recipe and seeing my mom's handwriting kinda took me back. I had to stop and really look at it. Then I thought of her sitting and writing it out. Which made me think of her hands. I have her hands.

It is strange how these little things melt away as the years go by. And how a list of ingredients can jolt them back.

Andy told the kiddos to load up in the van other night after dinner. At this point we realize the van battery is dead. Not thwarted, we loaded up in the truck, and when most sane people are getting their kids ready for bed...we fed ours milkshakes.

The next morning Andy went and got a new battery for the van, and Brody is overjoyed with oatmeal for breakfast....

Abby goes off to cheer camp...

And I have a special day with AJ and friends...

At the Wildlife museum.

Sunday after church Ab and I had our special afternoon together shopping winter clearance sales at the outlets while the boys watched football. Her love of color, sparkles, peace signs and rainbows will be very apparent in her wardrobe next fall/winter.

Brody mastered escaping and climbing back into the crib a little while ago.

It was when he started pushing the crib around the room and using it to climb to higher the top of the closet and the window sills that we said the crib had to go. He was right there hauling it out.

And super excited to have a red race car bed in its place.

He climbs in every day at nap and every night at bed time, gets tucked in and goes to sleep like a big boy.

Melts my heart that my baby is growing up.

He is still a lover of all books.

I love reminders to shine.

And I need them amongst the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

AJ was gifted with a couple farm fresh eggs from his school's chickens. This boy is so loyal to the things he loves, and his school is one of his greatest passions. So getting these eggs was a big deal.

Abby, Brody and I went and dropped off the paperwork to register Brody in preschool for next year the other morning (Crazytown!), and then ran to the library to pick up a book on hold for Andy. I told Abby to smile and I would send a pic to daddy.

This is what I got...

Another reminder to shine...

Sometimes I need a little help to shine.

Via an iced venti chai.

Liquid shine right there.

Dusted off my sewing machine for a small project this week...

Gotta love a name pillowcase for an adorable soon to be 3 year old nephew!

Abby, Brody, and I painted it up the other night while AJ was at Shepherd's Promise. It was refreshing to paint like a kid again.

And that was our week.

Have a great weekend!

We are going to cowboy up and head to the rodeo!




Anonymous said...

Aw, so great! Brody's big boy bed looks like FUN! And Abby's smile for Andy's book was hilarious. Lots of good and happy stuff going on with you all!
Sending sunshine!