Friday, August 23, 2013



Super quick post before I run to pick up AJ from school.

It was a low-key, uneventful week in these parts.

We went to a free movie at a park with BFF's last Friday.

Watching movies outside is so cool.

I think Brody ate 3 bags of popcorn that night.

My roses were blooming like crazy this week.

I drank lots of coffee that doesn't't taste like coffee because that's the way I like my coffee.

The kids had school pictures.

I'm excited to see how their school pics will turn out.

Brody figured out how to unlock the pantry door this week,
and ate an entire apple core and all one day.

Abby had fun fixing Brody's hair one morning before school.

Poor kid.

We played Sleeping Beauty.

Abby said I had to be the prince after I actually fell asleep laying on the couch...

And we had a nasty hail storm that did a number on my flowers.
Stupid hail.
Ab and I had Girls Spa today.

It was a calm week.

Gotta love those.