Friday, August 9, 2013

Insta-Friday Before School Starts


The last week of summer kinda left me in the dust.

I went into panic/freak out mode preparing for school to start like it was the apocalypse and all my closets had to be cleaned out or I wasn't going to make it.

The good news is my closets are organized now...coat closets, linen closets, kids' closets, junk drawers, cabinets...

It was intense.

But I feel better equipped to send the kids to school next week.

Sheets all folded like on Pinterest.

Snow gear all inventoried.

Totally necessary for Monday to happen.

New jeans and undershirts all washed and stored in their proper places.

I have a thing about undershirts.

Anyway, we started last weekend out leading our bible study on the first half of Exodus.

Talk about intimidating. That was some intense reading and thinking to be leading peeps through. Like I know what I'm talking about. Ha!

Good stuff though. Powerful.

If you're not in a bible study, it's life changing.

I've never felt so alive and fulfilled as I have in the last year going to bible study.

We harvested a little harvest this week. We always produce enough for about a half serving for one person in the family. Need to step up our produce output game here.

We went to the Farmers Market for green tomatoes.

I think every summer should be filled with trips to the Farmers Market.

It just feels authentic to buy produce from a booth at a street market.

Now steak from a guy out of the truck that drives around not so much.

We also get kettle corn and vintage soda from the Farmers Market every time.
It's one of the best parts of summer.

The kids ate and drank theirs up in the club house.

That's my favorite picture of the summer.

It captures the perfect essence of childhood summers to me.

Chillin' in the back yard, with your siblings, snacking on kettle corn, and enjoying a cold soda out of a glass bottle.

That's the life right there.

I went out with teacher friends for pizza the other night.

Good food. Good friends. Good times.

Love those girls.

And that loaded potato pizza was amazing.

I know. I was skeptical too. But don't knock it till you try it.

It was cheesy/bacon/baked potato goodness.

In my back to school freak out organizing frenzy the van got a good cleaning.

It needed it.

It was kinda embarrassing to think my sorellas rode around in it last week like that...gum stuck to the walls...syrupy/juice filled cup holders...8 pairs of Abby shoes...milk splattered windows...

Too bad the deep cleaning didn't even last till the first day of school.

It's a phenomenon I don't understand. How 3 small people can destroy a space so quickly.

Abby and Brody hoard things. Then they bring their random clusters of hoarded things in the van. And leave them.

And I only have the energy to fight the battle half the time.

You can see how unbalanced this equation is...

so it looks like we live out of the van half the time.

It is what it is. I try to embrace it.

They won't always hoard things. Right?

We all know my addiction to boiled peanuts.

And I needed a high protein snack after conquering the van.

This little guy loves to build with mega blocks.

He is also very opinionated about what he wears these days.

He staged a protest and refused to get dressed after I wouldn't let him change out of his pj's into yet another set of pj's to wear for the day.

I'm thinking we are going to feel the terrible two's with this one. Oy.

AJ met his teacher this week and dropped off his supplies.
Then we indulged in shaved ice.
Tigers Blood.
(Strawberry and piƱa-colada)
My all-time most favorite flavor e.v.e.r.
I still remember going to the shaved ice stand as a kid that was the size of a closet I kid you not...a little metal closet in a parking lot with a hand written poster in the window and getting a Tigers Blood sno cone with my brothers and sisters. Best memories ever.
They started painting our house today!
And I am spastically giddy about it!
I mean crazy, over the moon, want to hug Antonio the painter excited!!!
It feels like a brand new home,
and I'm inspired to do all kinds of new projects!

And now

it's storming like crazy outside as I type this.

I mean like trees laying on the ground, hailing...hurricane in land locked Colorado kind of storm.

On my newly, freshly, just started painting today house.

And the thought of it makes me want to cry.

As I sit cozied up in my sweats I have faith that Antonio will make it all okay tomorrow. He won't let me down. I hope. I really hope. He can't let me down. This project has been a long time coming.