Friday, August 2, 2013

Insta-Friday Sorella Edition

yo yo yo.

Insta-Friday in the house.

This week was a blast.

Two of my sisters from Kansas and Missouri road tripped it out to see their favorite sister here in Colorado.

We had an action packed three days.

We grilled hamburgers and had s'mores Monday night upon their arrival.

Food is just better with good company.

I'm pretty sure Brody consumed at least 8 marshmallows that night.

We ventured to Skate City Tuesday morning.

I haven't skated in almost 20 years.

It was as awesome now as it was back then.

So crazy fun.

And hilarious to see the kids skate for the first time.

We treated ourselves to happy hour after skating.

We were happy indeed.

We got Starbucks and

wandered around Ikea kid-free for a couple hours.

It was divine.

We drank Oklahoma wine from another sorella,

and I kicked everyone's butt at Spoons.

We went to the Aquarium.

We walked up to High Point at sun set.
We drove to Estes Park for a mountain hike,
and booked it back to van as a storm rolled in and dumped on us.
But I don't give up easily, so
we went bowling until the storm cleared.

Then we grabbed some trail snacks...

And headed back up.

They came to Colorado.

They were going to experience the mountains.

It was beautiful.
But the best part was experiencing it with them.

Love those girls.


jessieg said...

It was so fun! Although it did make me realize you and Andy need a week-long vacation without the kids!