Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Insta Friday of 2011

Buckle your seat belts folks...
because our post Christmas recovery has been really exciting.

I mean brace yourself.
This is some crazy stuff...
edge of your seats, take your breath away insta content here.

life rearranged

I went through all the toys in the basement...
and filtered out toys the kids haven't touched in months.

Does it get any more colossal than that?!
You need to know these things about my life.
Keep reading.

It was a covert mission.
I'm not kidding.
We waited till the kids were asleep
then loaded the boxes into the back of Andy's car in the dark for an unannounced late night
Good Will drop off.

AJ would freak out...
dramatically declare his devout love for,
weep excessively over,
and desperately beg to

And I just don't do well with
unnecessary dramatic flare.

So without further ado...
here is the play room after the big toy overhaul.
They still have a lot of crap if you ask me.
Here is my self-portrait of the week.
Pocahontas much?
We haven't bought a bench to solve the lack of enough chairs at the table scenario yet...
so the huge dinosaur of a high chair came up from the basement
during my eliminate excessive toy rampage.
Man, that's a cute lil' fella in that monster of a high chair if I do say so myself.
I have aided in putting together over a thousand Legos over the last three days,
and I have to say the space shuttle is the coolest set yet.

And I know I kinda made fun of the little grown man that works at the Lego store...
because he is an adult obsessed with little plastic toys,
but I think I kinda get the Lego obsession now...just a little bit.
Okay, so...
don't be surprised if you see me working at the Lego store part time on the weekends one day soon.
Do you see that little Brody mohawk?
I know the bug eyes are a little distracting at first, but look again...
it's there.
Seriously, I do enough laundry that if we could just convert the energy it takes to fold and put it all away into a renewable energy source, we could solve any and all future world energy crises.
Can I get an Amen from all the moms out there?
And I may have consumed an entire box of $18 truffles in one sitting over the first 50 pages of
The Hunger Games last night.

It's hard for me to buy a 99 cent bag of m&m's without a coupon, but
all bets are off when it comes to Godiva's fine, gourmet chocolate indulgences.

Have a fabulous New Years.
Resolve to start Insta Friday's.


Lisa said...

Amen! The laundry is neverending. I do at least one load (usually 2 on average) every day of the week except Sunday, cuz everyone needs a day off. I think the olden days were better - only one or two outfits per week...