Monday, December 19, 2011

Insta Getting Ready for Christmas Monday

Yeah...Insta Friday was not happening...or
Insta Saturday...or Insta Sunday either.

I am running around like a freakin' chicken with its head cut off trying to get ready
for Christmas.

And then
AJ told me yesterday that we needed decorations for Jesus' birthday...and a cake...and balloons.

I tried explaining that the lights on the house, the Christmas tree, the stockings...
all of these were the decorations.

He said, "No. We need more."
I said, "I think it's nap time. Go away."


We have been wrapping gifts, eating Christmas cookies from neighbors, and reading lots of Christmas books around these parts.

I went to a fabric exchange last week with my quilting group and saw some of my favorite people.
We are warming up for our next quilting project...& you know what that means.
I get to buy more fabulous fabric!
Although, I still need to finish my last project.
Anyway, here are my two fat quarters for the fabric exchange. I secretly wanted to pick my own gift and keep my fabric, but I guess that is against the rules.
Frisbee, our creepy little elf, has been up to no good lately.
But he's about to really get into some trouble.
I need a winning entry before midnight on the 20th to take the Inappropriate Elf Contest.
Send me your best ideas. Fast people. I don't have much time left.
I finished my fave sistah's Christmas present.
I started a new take the kid's picture by the stocking tradition.
My BFF and I exchanged gifts.
I love her.
She got me this rad BFF necklace charm.
Because all BFF's need a BFF necklace...even if you are in your 30's.

Girlfriend rocked her Christmas hair bows, hot pink sparkly leg warmers, new pink tutu, and pillowcase dress last week.
Dude, if you don't have yourself a girl, you need to get one.
They are fun.
Sassy, but fun.
This baby boy smiles and coos more than any of my babies...
(after he got the reflux meds that is...thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph.)

I could just converse with him all day.
I made a couple cupcake pot holders...only six more to go.
6 more!
Who needs sleep?
I mean really?!
Sleep is for wimps.
Light weights.
Cherry coke from Sonic.
It's like crack in a straw, with crushed ice, in a nifty styrofoam cup.
With a real cherry!
It can make you forget all you have to get done in 6 days.
6 days!
I need to get off this computer!
I quilted, made binding, and bound that quilt I started the week before last.
Just in time for it to make it to California before Christmas.
I got to visit my beautiful sister, brother-in-law, and niece at the airport during their layover.
I love them.
Good people, I tell ya.
Good people.
Abby and AJ gifted us with their Christmas presents they made in school.
I tried to get AJ to wait until Christmas for us to open them, but he wasn't having it.
I love kid art.
Check out Girlfriend's stink face. It's her favorite expression.
I think it's awesome that it will forever be preserved on her preschool angel.
I ended the week with a breakfast sundae and manicure with my BFF.
My cup runneth over.

And now I have some pot holders to make.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Claus in the slead with the elf getting it on

smith said...

Getting for Merry Chritmas ready sunday,This Baby boy is very qute....and this smile is cool.

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