Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Insta Christmasgram


Between 3 kids and Christmas,
I lost my groove.
There is no routine.
No order.
Just a whole lot of the Christmas aftermath going on around here.

AJ was gifted with an Angry Birds hat, a couple stuffed Angry Birds and t-shirt that says,
"I'm the bomb."

As if the child needed a bigger head.
He now announces loudly everywhere we go, "I'm the bomb!"...
or just oinks at random strangers.

Thanks Aunt Missy, Uncle Wayne, and Taylor
for making our lives that much more exciting.
AJ l.o.v.e.s. you.
We've been through the 3o minutes of getting snow gear on to play 5 minutes in the snow, track snow all through the house, and have hot chocolate routine
about a million times over the last week.
Thank you Mother Nature.
Brody has been rockin' his festive green sparkly hat like nobody's business.
Because how often can you get away with that hat other than Christmas time?
I've been drinking a lot of creamer with a little bit of coffee.
Every year I make my mother-in-law a family album for Christmas...
which really means that I get away with locking myself in my sewing room playing with scrapbooking embellishments and looking at pictures for many many kidfree hours during the busiest time of year.
Thank you Nana Ann.
I had grand plans...
but this was the extent of my holiday baking this year.
Thank you Pillsbury.
I finished all my pot holders to go with my cupcake kits.
Girlfriend loved her princess dress and has worn it for 3 straight days.
Good girl.
She loves her Rapunzel hair.
Santa pulled through with AJ's 783 piece Lego Police City...
resulting in many many hours of Lego building.
I got a new pair of jeans from The Buckle...
(Check that bootie bling.)
some fun sparkly nail polish...
a canning set...a bread maker...a colander I can't melt...a quilting table for my sewing machine...some fabulous prints...

the list goes on and on for this spoiled rotten chick...

BUT my favorite gift this year is Brody's binkie from "Uncle Map".
His vampire name is Brutal.

Good times.

Now if anyone wants to swing by and pack up my Christmas decorations,
I'm taking names.

I pay in Dr. Pepper, Twizzlers, and chocolate.


Kandace said...

Hey Chance! I'll be in Coloardo in mid-January if you can wait that long! :-) seriously, though, I'd love to see you! I'm remembering fond times of Andy puking strawberry milkshake out of the back of Jay's car! Ha, ha! I'm laughing out loud right now! Merry Christmas!