Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On The Patio

That's right! On the patio, not the deck!
This is a big week for me folks!

You see 6 years ago when Andy said, "I can build a deck!"...
I didn't question him.

I just assumed he had built a deck...or at least participated in helping build a deck before.


Apparently our deck was his first deck.

It was...
an interesting structure to say the least.

I love my husband.
But he is not allowed to build anything after the deck.
This week the school year ends


the stamped concrete patio goes down!

I am one happy lady.

I have big plans to hang out, drink fruity refreshing drinks (like ginger ale with strawberries), read, supervise the sandbox, and some days just simply do nothing on this patio.
And leave it to Martha Stewart to grace us with a clever way to keep those pesky bugs out of our patio drinks...upside down cupcake wrappers...huh...who would have thought...


Kelly said...

I'm now lusting after that drink. I've never had ginger ale and strawberries, but I think my life would be better if I did!