Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sowing Seeds

Our garden last summer was one of the best family projects
we could have ever decided to take on.

Checking for our daily harvest was the highlight of many summer mornings.

We all learned a lot and felt crazy proud eating food we grew ourselves.

After a minor set back with the Lupine seeds a couple weekends ago, we geared up and
spent a lot of family time today getting ready for our garden this summer.
Due to our spastic gardening excitement we are expanding
into a couple more garden boxes this year.
Which will hold...
Green Beans
Big Pumpkins
Mini Pumpkins
Green Peppers

And of course we planted AJ & Abby's Lupine seeds for the front yard

First, we organized our little pots...
Then, we put the kids to work getting soil from the garden box...
to mix with the new soil.
We planted many, many seeds.
And watched Girlfriend very closely around them.
Chick could not get away from the Paparazzi to sneak a seed snack if she wanted to.
We talked a lot about how plants grow.
We started an experiment with a couple seeds in baggies with a wet paper towel...
so we could see how seeds sprout and the roots grow.
Lastly, we planted some grass in egg shells.
I love spring!
Can you tell?!