Thursday, April 21, 2011

On My To-Make List

There are just so many fabulous things to make out there.

Here are a few on my list for this June...

1. A tooth monster for AJ:
Although it was entertaining to watch Andy
maneuver over all the stuffed animals and electronic loud noise making toys to try and
locate AJ's tiny baby tooth under the three pillows AJ had stacked up and slept on the other night...without waking up either child...
Ha! It was priceless,
but he might appreciate a pillow a top all the bedding and clutter next time.

2. Jazz up that old school silverware we have annoying me in the silverware drawer:
We were gifted with cute silverware when we were married, but Andy has an unnatural attachment to his classic old school hand-me-down silverware. Thus we have two silverware drawers. And now we have a happy funky solution to make everyone happy.

3. Rainbow cupcakes in a jar:
This is a party in a jar folks!
I need to make these for every up-coming occasion!


Lisa said...

If your kids are like mine, the pillow idea won't work. They'll still shove it under all the others cuz the tooth is supposed to be under their pillow. I hope he doesn't decide to "test or trick" the tooth fairy by hiding it in a jewelry box or something. I also discovered that if the kiddos are really sleepy they won't even remember being woken up. That is, until they're older, then they remember that the tooth fairy came in and he didn't have wings and he was big like daddy.