Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flat Mya

In first grade we send Flat Stanley outlines to family members to take on various adventures
and send back to our classroom.

The kids decorate them to look like themselves and have lots of fun with this project.

Flat Stanley comes back from all over the world.

One of my students did not have someone to send her Flat Stanley to,
so she colored her outline...
and Flat Mya went to Kansas with me.

It was crazy fun having this little flat friend along for the ride.

People kinda wonder about you when you pull a paper doll out of your purse
and start snapping pictures with her...
which was the best part.

Here she is at DIA:
(notice the upside down peace sign...hummm)

Here we are on the airplane...where I talked a fellow passenger into holding Flat Mya up so I could take a picture:
Driving around in Kansas:
Meeting Aunt Chance's newest and cutest nephew...
just look at the pride on Mya's face:
Getting in our educational outing at the state capital:
Visiting baby V's daddy at his office:
Oops...Flat Mya didn't notice the bright yellow caution sign and biffed it:
(She was okay.)

Wrapping up the day with some official business in baby V's daddy's cubical:

Flat Mya and I had a good time in Kansas!

(Just googled what an upside down peace sign means...
please know that in this case...
it was just the innocent mistake of a 6 year old.)


sebbie said...

We had a visit from flat stanley this year, he stayed for halloween and bonfire night (a very British tradition). We'd be happy to help out if you have any little ones who need it another year :)

Anonymous said...

what a great idea! i wished i was flat Stanley. lol He looked like he had a blast!! stacey

Ina said...

Hmmmmm looks familiar :-)
Your going to be so ready when your kiddos get their Flat Stanley Project.
You should check this out:
It's the ultimate Flat Project and served as the inspiration for ours.

jessieg said...

Haha! We enjoyed hosting Flat Mya. She can come for a visit any time. She was such an easy guest.

Sarah Harkins said...

We had a visit from flat Grace and I sent her back in the mail today. I was way to lazy to take any pictures with her and just sent back a brochure of the White House Christmas Tour and some pics.

Love the one of Flat Mya biffing it! ha ha!

b & b hotels india said...

what a great idea! i wished i was flat Stanley.and loll He looked like he had a blast!!