Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinosaurs And The Family Dog

As my spring break comes to an end,
we decided to have a family day...

at the zoo.

Never mind that the sun was hiding, the temp. was only 58 degrees,
and the wind chill was much below that.

We already told the little ones we were going to the zoo...

We had lots of fun...
and froze our butts off.
Abby loved yelling out animal names in her nasal little sassy voice.

AJ refused to wear a jacket, but had to have his back pack and sunglasses.
(I truly do not know where he gets his stubbornness from.)
What you can't see in the following picture
is the poor little goose down below with a wounded wing
that has caught the attention of every tiger in the exhibit.
Once they started moving in, we got the kids out of dodge
before there was blood shed...
didn't feel like explaining that one today.
Lots of pointing at the polar bear exhibit.
Daddy and AJ are noticing the polar bear.
Abby was pointing...just to be nothing really.
She got really excited to see "La-tte!!!"...our family dog at the zoo.
I couldn't break the news to her that really it was an arctic fox...
And we had multiple variations of the following conversation throughout the day...
just substitute in different animals for the warthog...

AJ, shouting with pure shock and awe in his voice: "Look mom, it's a dinosaur!!!"

Me in a calm teacher/mom tone: "No, AJ...that is a warthog...not a dinosaur."

AJ in a very pissed off 4 year old voice: "NO MOM! IT IS A DIN-O-SAUR!"

Me with a slight tone of irritation in my voice: "No AJ...actually it is a warthog."

AJ more pissed off than ever: "NO.MOM! IT.IS.A.DIN--O--SAUR!"

Me in a flat deflated tone: "Whatever. Go tell everyone you saw dinosaurs at the zoo."


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