Saturday, October 23, 2010

What A Glorious Problem To Have...?

Have you ever seen those pet rescue shows where the Animal Control goes to a lady's house and removes literally 37 dogs or cats...and then 3 months later they go back and she has another 24 more?

You know, the compulsive dog or cat collectors...?


I have a similar problem....

only with winter coats.

(This one is perfect for recess duty. Don't ya think?!)

I would be a compulsive winter coat buyer if my husband did not reign me in.

this week (he was in Georgia), & I may have acquired 2 new coats!!!


These things make me so stinkin' gitty!

It is already done folks...these beauties are in my closet right now as you read.
(Come on! A Yellow coat with a ruffle collar and big buttons?!
It was destined to be mine, all mine!)

Now the temperature just needs to drop enough for me to wear them.


Lisa said...

They sure are cute! Jim is the coat addict in our house. Sometimes he "forgets" to bring one to a job (sometimes those computer warehouses are kept really cold apparently) so he has to buy another. That's what I get him when at a loss for present ideas. The poor man only gets one or two new ones per year on average.

Lyndi said...

I have the same obsession! Maybe we should trade sometime when we get tired of the ones we have!