Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Does Fall Break Mean For Me?!

It means....

Lots of early morning snuggle time with the cutest kids ever!
Making cinnamon rolls in our jammies!
Meeting Nana for lunch!
Getting to drop AJ off at school and pick him up!
Shopping with Abby!
Starting the first book in the Dark Hunter series!
Snackin' with AJ.
Meeting a good buddy at McDonalds for a play date!
Sewing late into the night!
Eating butternut squash ravioli for lunch with the windows open!
Drinking lots of Pumpkin Spice Lattes!
Baking with a good friend...

which brings us to today's adventure...

The Salted Caramels are a work in progress...

First batch: FAIL.
(But we laughed a lot, so in my book still a morning well spent.)

As soon as I get the burnt caramel taste out of my mouth,
I'm going back for round two.

Don't homemade Salted Caramels in the fall just sound amazing?!

Our traditional Candy Corn Bark: Success!

Just melt a couple bags of white chocolate chips,
and throw in some candy corn and crushed pretzels and oreos!

What a treat!


Anonymous said...

yum yum that sounds awesome!!!
love and miss you guys stacey
p.s. you could bring some of them with you for thanksgiving. that would not hurt my feelings at all. lol

Brenda L. Greenwald said...

Major SUCCESS! Kids kept asking me what I was happily chewing on in class, and I kept saying fruit. They didn't buy it...