Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Spice Parfait

Step 1: Get some cute helpers. Make sure they can reach the counter and have aprons.
Step 2: Gather all the ingredients: milk, pumpkin spice pudding, graham crackers, whip cream.
Step 3: Have your helpers make the pudding according to package directions.

Step 4: Let your helpers go to town smashing graham crackers in zip lock baggies.
Step 5: Closely monitor your helpers idea of how much whip cream is necessary.
Step 6: Enjoy your treat and take lots of pictures!

That would be our evidence all over the table.
*Remember to remind your helper to point the whip cream can down every single time.

Somehow, he may forget that little step each time.
Making your afternoon treat that much more exciting.


jessieg said...

I love these pictures! Totally worth you biffing it in my opinion. Hope you heal OK. So fun to see Abby interested in helping. So stinking cute the both of them! AJ and I will have to make homemade hot chocolate and whip cream! Mmmm.

Jade said...

We are cooking in the classroom today and making your yummy snack! The morning class L.O.V.E.D. it!!! They had so much fun smashing their graham crackers. Now for the afternoon class...