Friday, January 2, 2009

My First Dress, A New Bag, & 500 Minutes of Thomas!

I did it!  I finished my first pillowcase dress!  And this little gem was A LOT more work than I ever imagined!  Really...I should say we did it!  It never would have been possible without the amazing and constant teaching and patience from Denver Brunette, an amazingly talented seamstress and friend!  She taught me how to sew a french seam...put in a armholes...basically how to make the entire dress to the highest quality.  

While we were crafting it up, I fell head over hills in love with this adorable Bird's Eye Shopping Tote she made!  I just had to take it home!  I couldn't resist the fun brown and white polk dots contrasted with the classy birds and combined in such a stylish manner as this drawstring bag!  Then I peeked inside to be greeted by whimsical lime green polka dots!  It was destined to be carried home over my shoulder...a bag after my own heart...Andy had to understand.  Check out her etsy shop to buy one of her fun funky vintage stylish bags or aprons or baby blankets.  I just want to buy them all!

Speaking of buying things...Andy and AJ ran to Costco this morning for paper towels and diapers...but somehow came home with paper towels, diapers, and 500 minutes of Thomas the Train...really daddy?  500 minutes?       


Jessaca said...

So cute! Can't wait to dress my own little dear in that dress when you hand it down when I have a little girl. Those 500 minutes will come in handy when Abby comes into the world.

hooli said...

You are TOO sweet. We had fun, didn't we? That dress is darling. You rocked it. Can't wait to see your next one.
Thanks for letting me join you in the fun.

Anonymous said...

How sweet..! Those dresses are delightful. I love the fabric as well.