Monday, January 19, 2009

Our MLK Day and My 100th Post Giveaway!!!

AJ and I started our holiday morning together by enjoying a bowl of Lucky Charms and continued our festivities by blowing bubbles, playing with play-doh, and painting.  As we were painting our masterpieces across the table from each other he looked up and joyfully shouted, "A heart!  Nice, mom!"  Wow, my two and a half year old just independently recognized one of his shapes AND gave me a compliment!  

Following our painting session, we got dressed and ready to meet daddy for lunch.  At the ripe age of two and a half, this kid is stubborn...a quality I'm sure he inherited from his dad.  Just before we turn to walk out of his room he pipes up and says, "Thomas, I want to wear Thomas!" in his bright RED Thomas house robe.  Okay...not going to fight this battle...maybe I can talk him out of wearing it inside Panera before we get there...  Miraculously, AJ peels off his bright red Thomas robe as he climbs out of his car seat.  I was totally prepared to let him eat lunch in public adorned in his robe...not so sure daddy would have been as accepting.  Ha!  We had a delightful lunch followed by yummy ice cream...which no pregnant woman or toddler could resist.  

In other news, I am excited to announce my first giveaway!  Technically this would be my 100th post since I started blogging!  Wow, 100th post!  And to celebrate such an occasion I thought it would be fun to give away something I so love of my totes!  The fabric I will use to make the tote is pictured above...the fun, funky pink and green combo.   

Technical Stuff:
  1. If I do not know you personally, please leave your email address in your comments, so I have a way to contact you in the event that you win.  
  2. will be used to select a totally unbiased winner.  
  3. This giveaway will run until Tuesday, January 27th at 9:oo AM MST.
So here's the skinny on how to enter the fun:
To participate as an eager candidate in the giveaway you may submit multiple entries by doing the following (Remember to leave a comment each time to act as your official entry)...
  1. Become one of my loyal followers...if you are already a follower, just leave a comment that says something to the effect of...I already adore you and am a follower...
  2. Grab my button and put it on your sidebar linked to this blog post
  3. Blog about my giveaway and put the link to your post in your comment
  4. Tell me your favorite capricious post and why in a comment
  5. Introduce me to a fun new blog via a comment
  6. Introduce me to a fun new etsy shop that features anything funky, vintage, country cottage, or shabby chic
Have fun and I can't wait to hear from you!!!


Kristy said...

I am a loyal follower, who goes awol when life gets hectic! ;) What an awesome idea! You are just too creative! (I LOVE the tote you made for our "Favorite Things", & this one would SO go with many of my outfits...I might have to fight my 8 year old!!!)

Kristy said...

I'm rusty with my do I "grab" your button? Do I copy the image or the location??

jessieg said...

I am a fervent follower. At times, I have to call you just so you post something. I'm totally addicted. Blog button posted. I'm more than happy to post my own design work to my blog. Even if it might mean I win. Despite the fact that we are family. I believe that the results should lean in my favor. I'm totally biased, but I love all the AJ posts! My favorite was The Perfect Moment. You capture him so well. I don't feel like I'm missing moments when you pick up your camera. I'll work on finding you a fun new blog and Etsy shop. It should be easy, but I require some research time because I like impressing you.

Kristy said...

Here's my link to my post! Thanks for giving me extra incentive to update my posts!! :)

Katlyn said...

I too am a follower!!! I blog-stalk you just about every day! =) I may get around to other entries but since I have limited time lately (because someone I know is having a baby and the gift I am making is taking WAY longer than I thought it she better like it or at least lie about liking it...btw it may be one of a kind because I doubt I will ever take on another similar adventure...or at least not any time soon...) I may not get around to it =).

Jessaca said...

This might be cheating, so I'll keep looking for another shop, but I love How About Orange's Etsy shop. So well rounded and not crap either! I would say Kate's shop (wink), but you know that one too. I didn't realize how hard it is to find a good, well-rounded, non-crap Etsy shop. I'll keep searching!

Brenda said...

I already adore you and am a follower...AND I can't wait for the swirling, whirling baby on your blog to be here within days! Congrats on 100+ posts!

Sarah Harkins said...

I adore you blog, Chase. It seriously is the cutest blog I've ever seen. I love all your crafty things. Wish I had more time to do more of that. Congrats on your 100th post. Keep going!

jessieg said...

I've found one: ComfyCreations!

jessieg said...

Fun new blog: