Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby Business, Booties, Bows, Blocks, & Clothes

I am still alive...and still pregnant...which would account for my recent blog neglect, overall consumption by fatigue, and emotional instability.  

As I get bigger by the day, I have also become virtually worthless and fall victim to the whim of my raging erratic emotions.  Abby just sucks the energy right out of me and sends me from 0 to 90 in seconds over a simple gesture or a short phrase.  I want my baby here and myself back.  

As I impatiently await Abby's arrival, we have been taking care of final baby business preparations from washing her clothes (I love the faint smell of Dreft baby is one of the most refreshing smells in the world) to completing baby paperwork like my leave of absence request for work(yay-time at home just to be mommy!), hospital pre-admittance forms (mah-boring but essential) and social security/birth certificate request (so official-seeing Abigail Catherine on the top of the form with Birth Certificate in bold letters across the brought tears to my eyes).  I want to hold my baby.  Even two weeks feels like an eternity.

New to Abby's nursery (my obsession) are these bows I made last weekend...not so sure I'm a bow maker, these delightful shabby chic blocks that you can custom order from Allikaye's Momma,  these adorable tiny booties, and all of these fun baby girl clothes!  My amazing friends that I work with showered me with all of these fun baby girl gifts, and as if that wasn't enough the most beautiful, best tasting lemon cake (someone knows the way to my heart) I've ever eaten in my life and a gift card!  I am truly spoiled and blessed!


jessieg said...

I'm so excited to put on a fashion show with little Abby. Big bows and hats! Yay!

jessieg said...

I'm so excited to put on a fashion show with little Abby. Big bows and hats! Yay!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Yay! I am glad you like your blocks! I am excited to see that little girlie! Oh! I just started getting into hairbows for Allikaye too - just this past week! Weird! We should make together!!

Jade said...

I agree two weeks does seem like forever!!! I am ready for our babies to come too!!!

Kristy said...

Everything looks beautiful! You amaze me when I see how you put things together...I wish I had a handful of your creativity!! I laughed when I saw your reference to "shabby chic," b/c that's exactly what I was thinking when I saw the pics of the nursery. LOVE it!! I will be keeping you & the baby in my prayers as your big day draws nearer!