Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Annual Tree Cutting

Every year we bundle up, drive up to the mountains, hunt for the perfect tree, cut it down, and haul it home. Last year our tree was so big it barely fit in our tree stand and fell over at one point resulting in a tree rescue by neighbors and being tied to the wall. This year I vowed to rein Andy in and get a smaller tree.

The kids love this tradition...tree ninjas.

I'm getting used to it...

Abby said, "I found our tree!"

Right. You are your father's daughter.

They got to visit Santa in the visiting center. Awesome! Check that one off the list!

And here is our tree!
Andy is disappointed in the size, but I love her!
She's very Country Living instead of Clark Griswold.

Not pictured: Our pine cone fight where I nailed Andy in face and cut his nose. He didn't even attempt to dodge it because he said my aim is so bad. Well I showed him didn't I.