Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Catch Up

The kids each have their own Christmas tree in their rooms to decorate. They get super excited to go through their ornaments each year. It's a fun time. Abby's ornaments are very pink & sparkly.

Brody has a lot of dinosaur, air plane & tractor ornaments.
AJ has a reason or sentimental value for all his ornaments.

Andy basically becomes Clark Griswold when December hits...so this is a movie night fave after the kids go to bed.

Frisbee's wardrobe cracks me up. Santa's BFF. Ha!

Abby & Brody were super good helpers putting up lights this year.

I thought those candy canes would be soooo fun lining our driveway. Now I curse them as I try to avoid hitting them when I back out every.single.time.

We have been doing a lot of festive puzzles lately. They look so innocent with pictures of snowmen and Santa. But don't be fooled. Those suckers are harder than you think they will be.

I tried to do a photo challenge on Instagram. I lasted two days. This was #stylemedecember Deck your neck. Most days I just wear comfy sweatshirts and pants that have an elastic waist. Two days people. Mama ain't got time for fashion.

My happy little work space with some of my favorite things...coffee in a festive mug, a fun coaster from a friend, post-it's, a felt tip marker (all teachers & ex-teachers fave), yummy lotion, & glittery lip gloss...helps me get through those emails!

Abby has been asking to read to us at night instead of us just read to her. This makes my heart so happy. Reading is not coming easy for this one, but she is a trooper & just rolls with the punches. If I could just package up the world & give it to her I would.

Brody wanted to read me a story since Abby did. He did a pretty good re-tell. It is pretty stinkin' cute how he looks up to his big sister. And how she goes out of her way to care for him. Those two have a strong bond.

Oh.my.goodness. The joy that finding that little elf brings to these kids is the best. Brody just about bursts every morning when runs in to report to me what Frisbee is up to that day. And he still loves Frisbee even though he gets pissed at him & calls him a Tattle Tell if he gets a naughty report. Which I find hilarious.

The pitter patter of his little feet running down stairs and his crinkle nose smile & giggle is soooo worth remembering to move that thing every night.

Here was my second & last attempt at the #stylemedecember challenge. Pear tree green. And a little photo bomber.

Sending Christmas cards is my favorite every year! Eek! Fun return address labels, glitter tape, red & green felt tip markers! Be still my stationary loving heart!

Starting this boy's love for puzzles early. We do this United States puzzle at least 12 times a week.

I am not sure what my family thought St. Nick was going yo bring them with that many shoes...

But this is what they got...

Brody is pretty obsessed with the Veggie Tales St. Nick movie...we watch it a lot. But I'm cool with that.

Here's another Santa puzzle...because puzzles are my new jam.

This night Santa, Belle, and a bunny came by to help with my puzzle efforts...
These things. I eat these things by the bag...
Brody said, "Are you going to eat those all day?"
I said, "Yup."

I redid the song books for the hayride...and made sure I Want A Hippopatamus For Christmas was on there because it's one if the best Christmas songs of all-time.

Spent part of an afternoon making peanut butter balls & having a mama therapy session one day. Husbands should be so thankful for those mama days...because they keep us sane.

We co-hosted the second annual neighborhood hayride. It snowed and was so festive. It was a blast.

Andy got to wear his cowboy hat & cowboy boots and drive a tractor...

The kids got to play in the snow, run around with friends, eat lots of cookies/brownies/candy canes, drink hot cocoa, ride on a trailer with flashlights singing songs from Home Alone, & sled down the middle of the street...best night ever in their little world.

Last minute gift for my AHG girls. Love anything with spastic color!

Our unit lead the flag ceremonies at the AHG meeting! So cute!

Frisbee has been up to his usual silliness...

We are all caught up on our Jesse tree! And to my amazement the kids are telling us the stories that go with each of the ornaments this year. So awesome! I love this tradition.

This month is flying by, and we are trying to take it all in...here's to a calm next ten days!