Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November Stuff

Date nights to get new books with this boy are pretty awesome.

Mornings spent doing puzzles with friends are pretty great too! Even if we have little helpers that aren't all that helpful.

Movie nights out to see The Peanuts Movie with the whole family are crazy fun!

The first snow of the season is always magical...and we get to pull out our snow boots and leg warmers!

And turn on the fireplace...

Making dessert for an epic game night is exciting!

Love that we have game nights with good friends! This night involved two expansion packs for an 8 player game and painting two sets of game pieces! It was crazy fun!

I went to the big kids' school for their Thanksgiving lunch this year! It's the first year I have gone...I figured I better do it before AJ's too old and cool to want to have his mom come for lunch with him. I'll cry when that day comes.

Abby's Thanksgiving lunch time was right after AJ's, so I stayed and ate with her too. Can I just say that nothing about school lunch has changed. Not the plastic trays or the super hard to open paper milk cartons or the school lunch gravy or fold up tables. It was like a time warp back to my elementary days.

This boy was pretty excited for his preschool Thanksgiving feast. Love this boy's spirit and love for all things festive!

We had a neighbor Thanksgiving with good friends/neighbors with a German food theme! We are so blessed with amazing friends in our life. Genuine, good down to earth people that are so real about life. It's good for the soul to connect with people.

I learned a new game with AJ. He was super good at breaking my code. I finally stumped him with 3 yellows and a green!

Although I don't win at Settlers very often, I am becoming a master at building things with my game pieces! Ha!

Check out my spot on the board...it was going to be the forest wonderland that allowed me to take over the world...except I couldn't take over the world without any flippin' wheat or sheep. Strategy fail.

Festive roadtrip music surprises are super awesome!

And festive coffee is the best!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving week!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks super fun!!!