Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween is one of my most favorite times of the year! I love decorating, coordinating costumes, the colors black/orange/purple together, taking the kids trick or treating...all of it!

Last year we carved our pumpkins too early, and they were yucky by Halloween night...so this year I decided to wait and almost forgot to carve them! Seriously mom brain is a real thing. A thought can be here one minute and then poof it's like the thought never existed. So Friday night at bed time we carved pumpkins!

AJ & Abby carved their own pumpkins this year...which was terrifying. No blood was shed though...which is pretty miraculous for our family.

AJ went with a Minecraft pumpkin, Abby went for the happiest pumpkin, & Brody wanted a ghost that was yelling.

Abby's costume was the perfect excuse to order a Glinda costume and go with a whole family theme! Everyone was on board but AJ...so like every good parent I resorted to bribery and won AJ over. I think Abby liked getting to wear bright red lipstick the most out of her whole costume.

Brody wanted to be a lion like his daddy. He was a pretty stinkin' cute lil lion.

AJ was a tornado...made from chicken wire, zip ties, cotton batting, tulle, spray paint, plastic animals & lots of hot glue.

The tornado idea came along all because I wanted this picture...Mahaha.

Whole family photo!

Andy's costume was made by his grandma years ago and his grandpa wore it every year. I love that he wears it now.

Every year we get the kids Halloween portraits taken by Sharon Arnoldi Photography for FREE! It's the best! I have a scrapbook of her Halloween portraits from the last 5 years!

And just like that I'm ready for Christmas!!!