Friday, November 14, 2014


I am blessed with the most amazing people in my life. And twice a year I get to escape the chaos of the mama life to the mountains with a group of some of those amazing people.

Where I don't have snot on my clothes or have to yell at people to potty and put on their shoes fifteen times. Or wipe any bums. Or practice sight words. It's glorious.

We spend 3 days visiting, playing games, making jewelry, hiking, sitting in a hot tub, eating good food, and watching chick flicks.

It keeps me sane. I'm a strong believer in the need for a break every now and then. A freshing, restful break. It makes me a better mama.

I cleaned and vacuumed the van. It felt sooooo good. It's the little things in life. It was gross. We're talking petrified tater tots...naked barbies...socks... It pretty much looked like we lived out of it. The nice new clean van needed a festive a trip to Bath and Body Works was in order. Word.

Then I got distracted and picked up a couple other things.

The struggle is real people.

So Colorado went from summer to winter in a day. Typical.

Love kiddos all bundled up in winter gear.

Don't love below zero temps.

BUT snowy weather calls for Snowy Jamberries and red cups!

Fo sho.

This scruffy guy kinda blends in with the snow.

Love that dog.

Ab had a turkey to save from Thanksgiving dinner.

It was one fugly turkey. We had a serious job ahead of us.

Mission accomplished.

$50 snow boots.


Good thing he is cute.

This is Ab chillin in the car loop waiting to pick up the big kids.

Upside down.

Because right side up is boring.

Ab said, "Mom, I drew a picture of you! As a cat ice skating."


Tis the season for making festive banners and garlands!

Cue the sleigh bells!


Ab and I had a little MJ photo shoot in the snow!
Girlfriend was workin it.
Seriously those freckles.
Last year I wanted to make the kiddos Christmas pillowcases, but ran out of time. This year it was going to happen. Even if it meant making them mid November. I was in the spirit.

Word. Have a fab weekend!


SaraAnneOfColorado said...

Love your post. You're one of those amazing people too!