Saturday, November 8, 2014

Around These Parts

Patchwork and corduroy. That strawberry blonde hair. That spunky spirit.

My heart.


This boy and his strawberry milk. That white blonde hair. Those chubby hands.

My heart.

I had a custom order for a super hero cape.

And now Brody wants matching capes for him and Andy.

Spirit night for school.

Love that these kiddos love their school so much.

This boy loves snuggle hugs.

Brody was star of the week in his class!

I love documenting what they love at this age.

He loves bananas, chocolate milk, camping, tractors, dinosaurs, sand boxes, books, going to the library, trains, drawing and cutting, building with duplo blocks, and bunny rabbits...


You know what this means?!!!


Seriously that red cup makes everything better.

Polka dots, piping, cute buttons, that classic 1950's style dress.

Oh MJ.

I can't even handle Brody on that thing.

Does it get any cuter than that?!

I think not.

We had to buy book 9 on release day.
If the boy loves to read, we will wholeheartedly support that.
Those freckles. That smile.
My heart.
The kids had Election Day off.
Abby requested to go to the library, make pumpkin pie, and learn how to do laundry.
We rocked everything on her list.

Best life ever.